Online Poker vs. Offline Poker

Online poker today, without any doubt has grown both in popularity and credibility. Some players play only poker games. The main focus of this page is online poker vs offline poker. You will come across many online players who rarely play poker in casinos, while many other players who frequent land based casino tables never endeavor online to play the game against “faceless” opponents.

While the basic poker game being played is the same, comparing online and offline poker shoes some differences. Let’s look at some of these differences.

Comparison of online and offline poker

No poker faces
When we compare online and offline poker, one of the biggest differences between the two games is that at online poker games, you cannot see or read your opponents face or their mannerisms. For traditional poker players, the game is based much on the body cues and the mannerisms of the opposing player. When playing online poker, one has complete anonymity and you feel free to behave as you wish.

Different speed
While discussing offline poker vs online poker, it is important to mention that an online poker game is mush faster than a traditional casino poker game. Dealing cards in a real poker room may take some time, but it takes less than a second in an online poker game.

Tipping the dealer
A comparison of online and offline poker shows that land casino poker players do have to worry about tipping the dealer while online poker player have no such worries. So its a bit easier on the wallet when playing poker online.

Running offline poker rooms involve costs as they have a business to run and cover their expenses. Online casinos have to bear lesser overheads, so the costs aren’t the same, and the rakes are lower.

Table selection
When we compare online and offline poker, it is seen that offline poker rooms don’t offer as many poker tables choose from as the online ones. In online poker games, one can choose to play at any one of probably several hundred poker tables from the comfort of their own home. Moreover one can easily jump to another table if the event you find on one table too tight, or too loose. Moving from one table to another is not nearly as convenient in traditional land based poker casinos. Another advantage to online poker players is that they can choose to play multiple tables at once.

Vast memory storage
Another issue when comparing online poker vs offline poker is that all playing information is tracked and recorded in online poker games. Online players have the choice of using hand histories to find out their past moves or how many chips were in the big stack or who said what on chat. The whole history of the game can be run through whenever they wish. Poker player at offline casinos do not have this facility as they play poker for a few hours and it is difficult for any one to remember minute details of the game. Online poker players make use of this information and use it to improve their game.

While comparing online and offline poker, the land-based tournaments are superb events, what with a room full of excited poker players do generate its own level of exhilaration. These off-line tournaments are large multi-table tournaments having set registration fees and start at fixed times. On-line tournaments, on the other hand are less formal. These tournaments begin when every seat at the table is filled and as such have no fixed times to start. On-line poker rooms attract players from all over the world and host a lot many more tournaments than the land based poker rooms. However, the prize pools both on-line and offline poker tournaments are similar.

Almost every on-line poker room tries to lure new players with a gift of free chips or exciting bonuses. You won’t find this a common practice at most land based poker rooms. Online poker rooms are well known for commonly offering re-deposit bonuses to existing players as well.

We hope you found the above article on online poker vs offline poker both educational and useful.

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