Poker games without downloads

Some of you will surely ask what all the trouble is for. Why do you need to download a poker game? In Las Vegas when you bet in the casino, they don’t ask you to download software before you begin playing; then why in an online casino website they do? All that we want is to play money poker and earn.

A large number of poker rooms offer a no-download poker as an alternative to poker clients who do not fond the whole downloading and installing issue. Most of them uses JavaScript or Flash and they’re compatible with all operating systems – including Max OS and Linux.

So where can you find a free online poker which does not require a download? You don’t have to get a computer science major to find out; a few surfs on the web and you’ll already be inside the game.

Since you can play in a no-download poker offline AND poker casino online, it is important that you’ll have a modem with a minimal speed of 56k; the software itself remains on the online casinos different servers and does not require space in the player’s hard drive. It is 100% safe and viruses nearly never spread inside the computer.
So next time you’re looking to play a poker no download , use complex phrases like ‘Free poker online no download’, ‘Free online poker games no download’ and soon enough you’ll be able to find a site that will fit you and your needs.

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