The Big Five Casino Games

Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Slots, and Poker are sometimes referred to as the “Big Five” casino games. They are standard issue in nearly every one of Canada’s casinos and have been around for a long time in various incarnations throughout the last few hundred years and a few of them even bear a resemblance to the primitive games of chance that archaeologists and historians believe that our ancestors played.

Once you master the five basic games above, you may want to try your hand at a site geared more specifically to your preferences. Specialty gaming sites may be tailored to fit a theme, such as “Canada’s Favourite Movies” by only offering games that appeal to movie buffs; or they might be temporary sites with a competitive atmosphere, created as promotional material meant to draw attention to upcoming events, such as Canada’s next big poker tournament. The best of the customized and specialized casino sites, however, are the gaming lobbies devoted solely to one providing an arena for fans and players of one of the five basic games. These sites offer games in flash and casino download versions are often the best places to find fantastic variations of standard casino games, but be warned that specialty casino gaming websites are usually very popular destinations with casino gaming experts to whom you may lose money if you’re caught unaware of their presence. Online blackjack websites, such as 777 blackjack come highly recommended and tend to provide the highest quality gaming experience available.

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